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Luxury Properties in Marbella are getting ready for a Real Estate Boom

Marbella has become one of the most exciting real estate markets. The demand for residential luxury properties during 2021 has been steadily increasing every month. According to local real estate experts, Orangestate, it’s a trend that is expected to rise even further. It’s the perfect time to invest in Marbella.

Positive Real Estate Activity

At the beginning of the pandemic, analysts predicted a negative impact for the real estate market. In reality, the reverse has happened. Most of the current investment is in the luxury sector. Superior villas and apartments worth more than one million euros are suddenly much sought after. Yet Spain still has many restrictions in place due to the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. When they are finally lifted, Orangestate expects an even greater surge in investment for Marbella’s luxury properties.

Reliable Investment

Investing in luxury property is often a safeguard against uncertainty. High-quality villas and apartments usually retain their value far more effectively than stocks and shares. The pandemic proves this point. Real estate around the world has not gone into a sharp decline as predicted. Instead, the value of luxury properties has significantly increased. It demonstrates that in times of adversity, real estate is one of the most reliable investments.

Effect of COVID-19

The pandemic has inspired many investors to make new plans. Enduring several lockdowns has made people appreciate their homes. Investors want comfortable homes in readiness for any future pandemic. They now want their properties to be spacious. Gardens and private swimming pools are essential. There is an excellent choice of luxury homes in Marbella with these exact qualities. There are traditional and new-build properties available to suit every taste.

Quality of Life

Restrictions such as COVID-19 lockdowns resulted in many people working remotely from their own homes. Investors have realised they can live and work in any beautiful location. In America, high numbers of remote workers have relocated from New York to Florida. In Europe, everyone wants to move from cold northern cities to the warm, sunny coast of Costa del Sol. Investing in a luxury home in Marbella can improve the quality of your life every day, and not just for a two-week holiday.

First Class Amenities

Marbella is a favourite destination for many people. The weather is warm all the year round. There are more than 300 days of sunshine evey year. You can enjoy outdoor activities at any time. There are dozens of wonderful golf courses within easy reach of Marbella. It’s a modern city with beautiful views of mountains, beaches and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the perfect location for investing in a luxury villa or apartment.

Financial Incentives

Investors can save significant amounts of money when purchasing luxury homes in Marbella. The Andalucian government has introduced new measures to boost the Marbella luxury property market. Transfer Tax (ITP) applies to existing homes and it is paid by the vendor. The government has reduced this tax to 7%, encouraging the sale of high-end, luxury homes. The tax for Stamp Duty (AJD) has been lowered to 1.2% for the rest of 2021. The local banks are also offering foreign investors fixed mortgages at temptingly low rates.

Expert Guidance

Marbella has many investment opportunities in traditional and new-build villas and apartments. Orangestate has extensive experience in Marbella’s exclusive, luxury real estate. We can help you make the most profitable investment during this exciting property boom in Marbella.

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