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About Orangestate

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About Orangestate

Why choose Orangestate as your Real Estate Agency?

We know there are many estate agents on the Costa del Sol, so why choose our service? The key point here is experience. Our agents have been marketing properties in this region for decades, and their experience cannot be compared to that of other agencies. We are very familiar with the Costa del Sol property market and can offer you personalised advice without the need to spend hours researching.

Over the years, we have built up a great reputation among property buyers and sellers in the region. And one of the reasons for our great public image is that we have an excellent customer service team.

ORANGESTATE is one of the strongest voices among the best real estate firms in Spain. As a member of the 300 Resales Online network, we constantly strive to improve the level of service provided and to obtain a more professional approach to property sales.

Our offices are located in 2 locations on the Costa del Sol, Marbella and Fuengirola where our team of professionals will be pleased to assist you in person.

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The team

We have a professional team that will guide you through the entire process of selecting and purchasing your property. Experienced and with full knowledge of the sector, our team members have been recognised many times for their dedication and commitment to anyone who is interested in our services.


Your real estate agent for the Costa del Sol

We offer our services all over the Costa del Sol, so you can consult us about properties all over the region. This will give you a better chance of finding a place that suits your needs and also fits your budget.

If you have located our real estate agency in Fuengirola or Marbella and are ready to make your purchase, we will accompany you through the process to make it as easy as possible.

Firstly, we will remove the property from the market while you make your reservation deposit. This means that the seller will not receive any further offers and in the meantime we as an estate agent will carry out checks to confirm that the property is suitable for sale. Once we confirm this, the 10% deposit will be paid to the seller or his representative. This amount will allow us to sign a private purchase contract, which will set out the terms of the transaction. In a month's time we will reach the final stage of the purchase. At that time, we will hand over the property with the certainty that it is free of debts, encumbrances and inhabitants.


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