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Best Beaches around Marbella for Summertime

Relocating to Marbella as an ex-pat is an exciting episode in your life. The coast is understandably the most popular choice when moving to Costa del Sol. There are usually idyllic views of the Mediterranean Sea and nearby mountain ranges. Many town centres and shopping malls are near the beachfront. But to make your move successful, you might need some help on where to find the best villas and apartments at a beach that suits your dreams and personality. There are more than 120 beaches in Costa del Sol and twenty-four of them are in Marbella. At Orangestate, we have the expertise and local knowledge to help you sort the vibrant beaches from those that are naturally quiet.

Playa de la Fontanilla

When you live in Marbella, you’ll still have to complete regular chores. But you’ll love going shopping when your route takes you along this beautiful beach. You can be distracted by chatting to other locals or joining in many summertime activities. The Paseo Marítimo promenade is lined with many shops, cafes and restaurants.

Playa Puerto Banús

Many ex-pats love to be around yachts and there are many to admire in the marina of Puerto Banús. When you need a rest from admiring the luxury vessels, you can relax on the beach. Here, there are beautiful views of the local mountain. The beach isn’t usually as busy as those near Marbella’s city centre. When it’s time for refreshments, there are many bars and restaurants nearby.

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Arroyo Totalán

You might like to share your new life in Costa del Sol with a pet dog. This lovely beach at Arroyo Totalán near Málaga is one of the best dog-friendly beaches. It’s kept hygienically clean and combines soft sand with pebbles. The beach stretches for 14,000 metres. You and your dog can enjoy some high-quality fun and healthy walks alongside the Mediterranean Sea.

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Maro Beach

You’ll discover a few traditions of Costa del Sol at this idyllic beach in Nerja. The natural coastline features rugged cliffs leading into the sea. It’s ideal for quiet walks along the soft sand lining the small bay. Nearby are quaint, whitewashed villages such as Frigiliana. There are usually cultural festivals in the area during the summertime.

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La Rada

This beach in Estepona is noted for its soft, grey sand. The town is near the busy Avenida España, but the beach is often peaceful. You can swim in the sea or wander along a beautiful beach that stretches for 2.4 kilometres (1.5 miles). It’s an ideal location if you also hope to explore the local boutiques and cafes.

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Torreblanca Beach

You’ll love the friendly atmosphere of this tranquil beach near Benalmádena. It’s very easy to reach the soft sand from the local promenade where there are shops, cafes and bars. The picturesque, semi-circular bay includes several breakwaters which make the sea particularly calm. It is an ideal beach for inexperienced swimmers or children.

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El Faro Beach

This is one of Marbella’s many award-winning beaches. You could find it’s the perfect location for your new life as an ex-pat in Costa del Sol. You have all the amenities of city life as El Faro is located very near the city centre. You can relax at the quaint cafes in the Plaza Los Naranjos before walking along the spacious beach towards the city’s marina. In the summertime, many local residents and tourists love to visit the beachfront tapas bars.

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