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Costa del Sol


Thinking of escaping the buzz of the city and settling at a location that is both private and homely? Then look no further because you are at the right place. We offer a several villas for sale in Fuengirola with sea and mountain views, and different styles and designs to suit your specific needs. If you are looking to buy a home that will have you living like a vacationing, Fuengirola is the perfect destination for you.

Find the best villas for sale in Fuengirola

You can have the chance of opening your windows to a fantastic landscape and getting lost in the unending horizon beyond the distance.

Our listings in Fuengirola include some of the best and most exclusive villas for sale in the region, ranging from properties with the perfect panorama to state-of-the-art contemporary designs just for you with guaranteed finishes and qualities.

You have the option of choosing villas with swimming pools, spacious terraces and gyms among other amenities that will have you view life in a new perspective. We offer you a variety of possibilities including the chance to watch the serene beaches, listening to the sounds of the sea and taking a quiet but fun walk by the sea at sunset.

This is an opportune time for you to consider owning a villa out of the many suitable totally renovated villas for sale in Fuengirola that we have just for you. Enjoy the ambiance of the villas in our listings that are strategically located in the heart of Fuengirola giving you breathtaking views of the serene surroundings.

The best opportunity

If you are a golf enthusiast then this is the perfect location for you because Fuengirola is the home to three of the best golf courses pristinely located just a short drive from the Fuengirola centre. Getting a villa in Fuengirola could not be more fun than this. From the golf course head over to the 8-kilometre long beaches and enjoy the breeze.

Do not wait to buy one or more of the these amazing villas because we assure you value for your money. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact button on our page in case you have any questions you wish answered and our competent team will be glad to respond to your queries. Do not forget to use our advanced search tool to make your refined searches of villas in Fuengirola.

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