Villas for sale in Benalmádena

Costa del Sol


Find the best Villas for sale in Benalmádena

Are you looking for the best residential place in Benalmádena? The Orangestate company has created a legacy in the real estate business. They offer many Villas for Sale in Benalmádena, which will fit all your needs. All estates are created with modern designs to meet your taste and preferences. Orangestate apartments, penthouses, and townhouses are in different sizes, thus variance in the prices. Below are various reasons why you should consider investing your money through purchasing the villas in Benalmádena.

1. Large and Spacious

The rooms have two, three, and even four bedrooms designed by experts. Villas for sale in Benalmádena have many benefits, including the fact that they are newly refurbished with two bathrooms and five bedrooms. It is fitted with thee large terraces, a heated pool, and excellent sea views. It is strategically located 600 meters away from the best beaches of Costa del Sol.

2. Strategically located

Most Villas for sale in Benalmádena are strategically located near the grocery shop, modern fashion boutiques, and excellent restaurants. You are guaranteed memorable lifetime experiences. Every bedroom has its exit to the outside area. There is also an outdoor kitchen and a pool area connected to the house with a spacious staircase.

3. Gated Community

It’s a private gated community for nine people. Its located 15 minutes from the Malaga Airport and fifteen minutes’ walk to the Malaga beach. These villas have it all, including a lounge terrace leading to the pool terrace. There is ample parking space; therefore, it’s the best place to be. They have a private pool, and the rooms are fitted with automatic air conditioners. You will also benefit from the free Wi-Fi a terrace connecting the corridors.

4. Easy to access finances

You do not have to strain your brain on how to acquire a home in the Orangestate. The company has partnered with banks, and real estate relates corporations to help you save. Open a savings account and save as per your earnings. You are guaranteed to get a house after you have saved enough.


Villas for sale in Benalmádena are the best choice for you. Orangestate Villas are relatively cheap; therefore, you will not go out of your set budget. After purchase, you will not think about relocating again.

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