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6 Beachfront apartments in Marbella

For years, science has continuously backed up the fact that living near the sea is great for your health. From reducing your stress levels, to helping you craft a better social life, all the way to helping improve your mental health; the health benefits of living near the sea seem to be endless. One place that is known for its supreme quality of life and incomparable beaches, is Marbella. With over…

Luxury Properties in Marbella are getting ready for a Real Estate Boom

Marbella has become one of the most exciting real estate markets. The demand for residential luxury properties during 2021 has been steadily increasing every month. According to local real estate experts, Orangestate, it’s a trend that is expected to rise even further. It’s the perfect time to invest in Marbella. Positive Real Estate Activity At the beginning of the pandemic, analysts predicted a…

Best Beaches around Marbella for Summertime

Relocating to Marbella as an ex-pat is an exciting episode in your life. The coast is understandably the most popular choice when moving to Costa del Sol. There are usually idyllic views of the Mediterranean Sea and nearby mountain ranges. Many town centres and shopping malls are near the beachfront. But to make your move successful, you might need some help on where to find the best villas and apartments…

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