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3 Restaurants in Fuengirola with a Michelin Star. Enjoy the best quality culinary experience

It’s friday afternoon, the workschedule gets to its end, you get out of the office satisfied with another great week, and…

What a better way to celebrate with your close friends, coworkers or family than having a top culinary experience.

Look at this pictures and try not to drool…

There are 3 restaurants in Fuengirola with a Michelin Star. And all of them rich in their own expertise.

Today we are going to show you, three completely different options, so you can pick the one you prefer:

  • A restaurant that makes a great effort to be sustainable and protect the environment.
  • The perfect option for wine raving fans.
  • Finally the best connection between the sea and the cuisine.

So if you enjoy going out to eat and explore the top chefs in the world, keep reading this article because I am going to take you through the rabbit hole to the wonderland of their cuissines.

SOLLO – The perfect option for the environment and sustainability lovers.

They define themselves as: “Sustainable and creative cuisine, based on freshwater fish and home-grown and artisanal own production.

”Diego Gallegos is the Chef in this unique place, but if you are a food enthusiast, you may know him as “The chef of caviar”.

Born and raised in Brazil where he wanted to become a lawyer until the day he fell in love… when he stepped his foot in a professional cuisine.

He was trained in America and Spain, so in this restaurant you will find the perfect combination between respect for the environment and multicultural vision.

CHAROLAIS – Excellent wine and Basque-Andalusian cuisine.

Florentino Morillo Doblas started this wine cellar and restaurant in 1994, he was one of the advanced students of Miriam and Pedro Bolinaga.

Wine has always been his passion, and that’s the reason he started the business, nowadays, he offers more than 100 references in the cellar of this small restaurant.

Although wine is the principal protagonist of this place, they offer a great combination between Basque and Andalusian cuisine.

The quality of the raw material, and the careful elaboration, offer a cuisine without complications, with some innovations, but with an excellent result.

LOS MARINOS JOSÉ – The temple of seafood.

This restaurant has been running for more than 30 years, José Sánchez and his family direct the business and have developed the perfect chain…

They own a boat with which they go fishing every day and that is how they ensure that their fish is always fresh, since it goes directly from the sea to the kitchen.

Lovers of seafood products have an obligatory appointment in this establishment and should not miss for anything in the world.

The great and magnificent spectacle of being able to see the extraordinary assortment of exquisite marine delicacies that are always exposed in the premises.

These are 3 of the best restaurants you can attend in Fuengirola, each of them has a different specialty.

But we are sure that regardless the restaurant you choose, you will have a great culinary experience.

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